Last Step

This is your last step and then you are done!

Here's what you need to know

  1. Our service agreement is ongoing while you are with Apoio, and starts from when you submit this form. It is important you read and agree to the Service Agreement.
  2. You can end this service agreement by giving us 7 days notice in writing.
  3. Apoio’s role is to pay invoices on your behalf, help you to manage your budget and help you to administer your NDIS plan according to NDIA rules.
  4. We’ll need you to provide evidence of purchase of items you wish to claim against your NDIS plan
  5. You provide consent for us to discuss your details with your providers where it relates to plan management services.
  6. I provide consent for Apoio to contact my Coordinator of Supports (if applicable) or my Local Area Coordinator to discuss implementation of my plan if required.
  7. Apoio will charge a monthly fee against your NDIS budget. The NDIA will pay us directly.
  8. Apoio will only provide supports where there is relevant funding available in your NDIS plan. 

Please note, if you are completing this form as a Support Coordinator, please tick the button above to agree to the terms and conditions and we will contact your client to complete the application process