What is plan management for the NDIS

What is NDIS Plan Management

The NDIS is a wonderful opportunity for many people with a disability, but it can be hard to manage without some help from a Plan Manager.
A plan manager is an expert in handling funding. They take the burden out of managing your plan, and make sure everything’s handled correctly, so you don’t need to worry about it.
A few of their responsibilities include:
- Paying invoices on your behalf through the NDIS portal
- Storing all your receipts, invoices and payments and keeping them safe.
- Monitoring your spend to help you keep on track with your budget.
- Sending frequent statements to you and your community (with approval)

Benefits of using plan management

- Increased control over how your plan funding is used
- Use any provider you choose, you are not limited to only using a registered provider
- Assistance and knowledge of financial management
- Professional budget management
- Having someone assist with tracking the spend within the plan
- Having someone on your team that is knowledgeable and can assist with navigating the NDIS.

What does it cost me to have NDIS Plan Management in my plan

Simply put, having a plan manager is of no extra cost to you and won’t take away from your plan budget. The plan manager is paid directly from the NDIS in addition to your plan allocation.
If you are a NDIS participant, you can choose to use a plan manager to help you with your NDIS funding. Under the NDIS rules, any participant has the right to request and nominate a Plan Manager.
It is important to know that you do not need to explain why you want a Plan Manager. The NDIS cannot refuse your request for one.

How Apoio can help

Apoio – it simply means Support! Our reason for being is to support you the participant, your family, your providers and the whole NDIS community. We are experts in Plan Management.
If you want to know more about Plan Management, give Apoio a call and one of our plan managers will be able to assist you further. Call 1300 136 999 or email [email protected]
Apoio – Your Plan, Your Community, Your Choice.

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